So how does Immediate Load Implantation work?

Dental implants are artificial roots for teeth. Picture it as a screw that is inserted into the jaw bone. Traditional (2 phase) implantation uses cancellous bones to fixate the implants. Often this bone layer decreases with age or through diseases such as osteoporosis. Immediate Load Implantation bypasses this bone area altogether and uses the cortical bones underneath the cancellous bones.

Advantages of Cortical Bone Implantation

It is a long-term solution. Cortical bones are stable, they don’t resorb. That is why they have been used in traumatology for decades. Bone grafting is unnecessary. As is a sinus lift or any other bone augmentation process. Cortical bone is stable and always available. High success rate. 98,2% of patients are treated successfully with decreased risks. Around traditional implants, there is a risk for a dangerous infection called peri-implantitis. It is a painful disease that ultimately leads to implant exposure. This infection is not found in Strategic® Implants .