Dr Antonina Ihde
Bridge frame work design
on Basal Implants
Dr. Sankalp Mittal
Applied Anatomy of the Inferior
Alveolar Nerve
Dr Vivek Gaur
How to Avoid Failures in
Dr Prashanth Pillai
Immediate loading -Relavent
History which every Implantologist should Know
Dr. Faizur Rahmaan
The 3 Strategic Principles of Occlusion
Dr Nancy Dhiman
Disciplines of Strategic Implants
Dr Leela Krishan
Tuberopterygoid Implants: The
Game changer
Dr Kapil Kalra
Tectonic Shift In Implant Dentistry
with Cortico-Basal Implants – A
solution for every situation
Dr Jugal Patel
Measured occlusion in Strategic IMPLATOLOGY
Dr Anita Doshi

Myths and Facts of Corticobasal

Dr Lakshya Yadav

Single Piece Implant-A
Prosthodontic perspective

Dr Rohit Yadav

Nasal Floor engagement and
Canine Bypass

 Dr Rahul Vaid

Bone Sets The Clock

Dr Murugavel

Anterior Mandible,Surgical
Anatomy,Techniques and

Dr. KiranKumar Bharatbhai

Practical Guide for Beginners

Dr. Mahendra Perumal

Corticobasal implants in
Reconstruction of Resected And
Traumatized Jaws

Dr Chandrahas

Predicting The intraoperative
events Based on Radiographs and
Case history

Dr Bobby Anthony

Avoiding Sinus Lifts with

Dr Mehul Jani

( Guidelines For Placements Of KOS IMPLANTS )

Dr. Syed Akifuddin

Informed Consent And Practice
Management in Functional

Dr Neelam Maheshwari 

Importance of Implant Design in
Immediate Functional loading

Dr Shadaab  Mohammad    (Padam shree)

TMJ Anatomy in Relation to
Dental Implants

Dr Umashanker Pal

COMPLICATIONS and their management in Corticobasal IMPLANTOLOGY