• The Company was promoted by Dr. Vivek Gaur who is a graduate from Manipal University. After finishing his PG Cert. in Advanced Implants, Manipal, India in 2003 and Diploma in Advanced Implants, Zest, Holland.
  • He has been trained in Advance Grafting Course from
    Valladolid – Spain,
    Immediate functional loading – Milan, Italy
    Basal Implants – India, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Zurich.
  • He has been a keynote speaker in several Cortical Osseo Integration Implant Symposiums.
  • He did his Master Clinician Programme in Implants from UCLA, Los Angeles, the USA in 2012 and Masters in Immediate Implants, IF, Germany.
  • He is International Teacher of Basal Implantology at Munich, Germany and Managing Editor of Implant Direction journal.
  • He has been extensively trained in Cortical Implants by Dr.(Prof.) Stefen Ihde at various places like Hungary, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Turkey, Russia and Egypt.